The Whimsical World of
Gail Lawson White

Creator of woodland elves, faerie folk, angels and other-worldly creatures 

December 3, 2022


Often I am asked how I create a painting.  It starts with a picture in my head.  A drawing emerges from the blank canvas.  Then, it is nothing more than colored water moving around the page.  Visit the World of Faerie see how magic is made one brush stroke at a time at "Magic in the Making" at  




 “It starts with a picture in my head, sometimes with a story attached,” says folk artist Gail Lawson White, who creates whimsical portraits of a world the rest of us seldom, if ever, have the opportunity to see, giving us a peek into the world of faerie folk, woodland elves, angels and other unearthly creatures.  Hers is a land of fantasy and imagination, of wonder and amazement, where the sky is always bluer, flowers abound and a wee bit of Blarney tells a story in each painting she creates.

Her work and philosophy are best described in the quotation by the 19th Century art critic John Ruskin, “If some people see angels where others see only empty space, let them paint the angels.”

Gail’s first book of poetry has been released and includes a number of pieces of her artwork. The View from the Thorn explores the realm of magic and miracles, the reality of myth, legend and history. Before the scientifically explainable world of today, we believed in miracles.  Before the miracles, we believed in magic.  Myths, legends and history handed down through generations of storytellers taught us lessons, gave us hope and instilled great faith.

Scheduled Art Shows and Book Signings

The arts and crafts fairs I attend offer all handmade crafts presented by the artists themselves.  To the best of my ability, I attend only shows without imported goods, just unique and quality artwork.  

  • Thanks to everyone who came out to the 2021 arts and crafts fairs.  It was so nice to see old friends and customers and to make new ones.          

Recent Faerie Sightings!

  • The May 2011 issue of Renaissance Magazine features The Dragonfly and Damselfly, inspired by the lovely creatures who have made my humble garden their home.  
  • Gail’s poetry has been sighted in six issues of Renaissance Magazine, gracing the pages of their Period Poetry column, including the springtime wedding issue of 2006, the special summer 2006 faerie edition, the 2006 autumn issue with all things Celtic and an excerpt from The View from the Thorn in January 2007. 
  • The Faerie Frost appears in the anthology Immortal Voices released in the spring of 2008.  
  • The Faerie Frost is also recorded as part of the three CD set The Sounds of Poetry, along with 33 other pieces of poetry released in the summer 2008.  
  • Well they may not be faeries but they are otherworldly creatures.  The Weevil Twins won first place in Roger's Gardens 2009 pumpkin decorating contest.  Congratulations to the twins!
  • The hidious, green hag Witch Hazel won the 2010 honors for first place at Roger's Gardens pumpkin contest. Frankly, we have our suspicions that she cast her evil spell on the unsuspecting judges to gain the coveted blue ribbon prize. 
  • "Pumpty Dumpty had a great fall.  Pumpty Dumpty didn't mind at all.  All Halloween's gouls, ghosts and goblins stitched Pumpty Dumpty back together again."  Pumpty Dumpty took the highest honors at Roger's Gardens annual pumpkin contest 2013, bringing the blue ribbon back to the House of White. 
  • Another first place ribbon for Roger's Gardens 2014 annual pumpkin contest goes to  the Pumpkin Queen.  Hail to the queen! 

The Bard Travels To The British Isles

  • In April and May of 2012 the faerie folk flew across the pond to Scotland to tour with two of our favorite Celtic musical groups across the lovely land of Caledonia. The magical and mystical journey took us to the spiritual grounds of Iona, many castles and abbeys and monuments to the heroes who made this land free.   It took us to the Border villages in the South and to the Northern Highlands of Inverness and beyond.  Stirling Castle and Edinburgh Castle grow from the bedrock as monoments to freedom and the masons who made them strong.  Scotland is a beautiful country rich in history and patriotism.  We enjoyed music in the evenings with the Aussie trio Brother and the Scottish natives of Albannach.   
  • Who is the mystery reader?  Upon receiving a royalty check, it was noted that a copy of The View from the Thorn was purchased in the United Kingdom.  Cheers to our first known overseas reader, who ever you are! 
  • Although Gail has had many poems included in anthologies here at home, her latest adventure takes her to jolly olde England, where her poetry appears in Noble House Publishing’s latest poetry collection Songs of Honour.

Editor's Choice Award

  • Gail has received her third Editor's Choice Award for the cutting edge poem Reality on a Stick included in the springtime 2007 publication Who's Who in Poetry ~ "Gail's work is very powerful." 
  • Gail earned another Editor's Choice award for The Faerie Frost included in the anthology Immortal Voices ~ "Gail's voice is wonderfully expressive."

Something New On The Horizon

  • Gail's personal experience and the advice of other authors has just been released in the ebook I Wish Someone Had Told Me That ~ 64 successful children's book authors give you advice by Write4Kids.  If you are in the process of or have always wanted to write a children's book, or any book for that matter, here are some helpful hints from the folks who have been there and back.
  • Gail's essay on writing will appear in Publish America's new book Why We Wrote - How Books Changed the Lives of Published Authors and Their Readers, a gathering of essays by authors on the journey from their inspiration to seeing their book in print, due for release in the summer of 2010.  A portion of each sale with be donated to the Get Caught Reading campaign to promote literacy.

Idle hands be the work of the devil!

  •  I am happy to announce that I have completed the illustrations for a children's book entitled Hidden Lakes.  They are now in the able hands of the author, Lori Planz.
  • My painting "The Harvest" graces the cover of a cookbook, a celebration of Saddleback Hospital employees' favorite recipes.  I have tasted some of these dishes and this cookbook is sure to be a winner. 

All Things Faerie! 

  • Be sure to visit The World of Faerie, a new realm created to keep the faerie folk under better control.  Enter their magical world at for all things faerie and beyond. 



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